Hans Kitslaar Painting of two children playing in the park

Painting of two children playing in the park

300 a 400 pieces Big lot of paintings

Big lot of paintings

Belgian painting of a city

Painting of a city

A oval gilded frame with a oil on canvas painting of a dog.
Painting by Henri Schouten oil on canvas.
A painting by Ed. Hein jr.1854-1918 of military,s on horses in the wood.
Paul Elzinger 1905
A painting of a lady and child 1862 signed
Signed Johan J.Voskuil oil on wood
Cornelis Kimmel
L Robert
Paul Schouten
Sellenslach a pair of paintings
Signed V D Bachter
signed by Johannes Bosboom Geb.1817 +1891

Johannes Bosboom

Alfred Bastien
A huge painting by Henri Schouten of cows and farmer.
A painting of cock and chickens by P. Schouten.
A Russian painting signed by P. Volodin 1908
A German painting of a lady in the water.
A painting from a Belgium painter signed Sluyts.